• What is Snapshock?

    Snapshock is a photo sharing platform that allows you to broadcast an event live on the web.


    Say you and your friends are at the same wedding party, with Snapshock mobile app you can all check-in to the same event and take photos together. All photos are gathered in one place and streamed live on the web. Some other friends may not be able to make it to the venue, they can just watch your photo-cast online. Feel free to tweet or share your photos to facebook and any other services via our web platform.


    Snapshock can create a more interactive event experience for users as well! With an affordable price you can customize your own event webpage allowing message sending. We will collect all your event photos real time so you can share them to your guests right after your event.

  • What kind of phones does this work on?

    Snapshock app is now available on iPhone and Android, Blackberry and Windows phone apps will be available soon.

  • Can I delete photos?

    If you are the owner of the event you can remove any photo under the 'Manage Event' section. Along which you can also edit the event information or even remove the entire event.

  • Why should I trust you with my event?

    We have more than 10 years of experiences in event organizing and 5 years in wedding industry. Our team is strong and robust in technology rendering a stable and secure online environment for your wedding experience.


    Most importantly, our team is readily reachable at any time, customer service is 24x7.

    Phone : +852 35830762

    Email : enquiry@snapshock.com

  • Can I upload photos before the event starts?

    Event owner can upload photo at any time right after the event is created. Guests can start taking photos 2 hours before the start of event.

  • Why don't I just upload the photos to Facebook?

    You can, in fact many people do. But imagine


    - how hard it would be for the event organizers (or wedding couples) to collect photos from everybody's facebook walls


    - can you download full-res photos from facebook? (maybe yes, if you mean right click and save one by one)


    - what if the event organizers (or wedding couples) don't like you posting THEIR pictures on YOUR facebook wall


    Clearly, for event photos, facebook is not the ultimate solutions. Snapshock is linking with facebook, but we control event photos a lot better.

  • Can users upload photos later via wifi?

    Will it mess up the chronological order?

    Yes users can upload the photos afterwards, the photos will be ordered by the time when it is taken (not uploaded), so the chronological order will still be aligned.

  • Do I still need an event photographer?

    That depends on your choice. Basically Snapshock and event photographers are serving two different purposes.


    Event photographers take photos with adjusted angles, exposures and contrast, they will post process the photos after the event and focus a lot more on output quality. But normally they will give you the photos a couple of months afterwards, it is no good if you want to share it instantly on facebook or other social networks.


    On the contrary Snapshock focuses on time, you can share the entire event album from Snapshock right after the event, people can enjoy it while their memory is still fresh. A minor tradeoff of photo quality though, as they are taken by mobile phones.

  • How do you charge and what services are included?

    Snapshock is free for use, so download our iPhone / Android apps and try NOW !


    We charge by custom events though. One custom event package include:


    - Full-res photos DVD (printable resolution)

    - Custom URL

    - Custom webpage background

    - Custom real-time projection screen

    - Custom slideshow screen

    - Unlimited photos


    Click here to know more about our premium package.

  • Can I download the photos after the event?

    Yes, bulk download feature is available up to on-screen display resolution. You can download the entire event album as a zip file after the event.

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